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To begin this course, you will assess your current health, then review the basic health concepts. You will then create a set of health goals and send it to the email address listed below for evaluation.

Once you have created your health goals they will serve as the syllabus for this course. You will be able to choose topics from the website health page in the order in which you feel best meets the needs of your goals. Each page will have a list of links as resources, as well as an assignment to complete. Students can have assignments evaluated by sending them to the email address listed at the bottom of each page.

Be Well!

Assess your current level of health

Health assessment: Read through the article, complete the assessment and score it, then set goals for any of the weak areas


Make a set of goals based on the areas in which you scored low in on the wellness assessment. This list will become your course syllabus, or a list of the health topics that are ranked in order of interest to you. Once you have completed the list, email it to me at the contact address.