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  • On the file menu, click new
  • Click the blank publications tab
  • Click the type of publication (postcard, poster, etc) that you want, then click create
  • You can also choose the catalogue to open existing publications which you can change to suit your needs
  • To add a graphic, go to the insert menu, click clip art, and choose from the gallery.  Then double click the item that you want
  • On the objects toolbar, click the text frame tool, then position to mouse pointer where you want one corner of the text frame to appear, click and hold down the mouse button, and then drag the mouse diagonally until you have the size frame you want.  Begin typing in the text frame
  • To add word art (special artistic options for text) click the wordart object on the objects toolbar.  Then position the mouse pointer where you want the wordart to appear, then drag the mouse diagonally until the frame is the size you want.  In the text entry box, type your text.  Using the toolbar, choose the effects you want.

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