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It is helpful to introduce primary students to the Internet and its resources in little chunks that are relevant to the current curriculum. have her students share their writing samples with other classes via e-mail. Students will exchange drafts and provide editing and revising advice to one another. Students then get their own story back with the peer editors' suggestions and remarks. If students are at an appropriate level to search the Internet independently or with an older "buddy," provide a list of prescreened sites for students to visit and give them a task to accomplish that holds them accountable for the time they spend online.
Below are some great links to use with your students

A great site for students to use as a starting point.

PE Central
A central point for Physical educators to meet and share ideas.

A site dedicated to the elimination of poor practices in PE.

Your state association's site!

A site which offers online research capability.  Look up an article, or find a great new book here!

Microsoft in Education
A great place to learn about new technology techniques in education.  Good luck!

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