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Kines 742-300 Practicum

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Practicum goals
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Final Exam
Cooperating Teacher Evaluations
Supervising Teacher Evaluations
Practicum Seminar Assignments

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the content area by applying that knowledge to the class setting.
2. Demonstrate growth and development in the following areas; content knowledge, planning and organization, time management, communication and reflection.
3. Demonstrate willingness to and the ability to implement feedback from the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor.
4. Demonstrate willingness to discuss and share knowledge and experiences in the seminar setting.


A minimum of four hours per week of
hands-on work with students in physical education, for a total of 60 hours.  There are a total of 14 weeks during the semester beginning with next week (September 11th).  Four hours during the next 14 weeks only provides 56 hours, and you MUST have 60.  You can use the week of finals if you need to make up hours however, it would be better if you scheduled more than 4 hours during the week to make sure you have enough hours.  For those of you who schedule hours on Thursday and Friday, remember that there will be Teachers' Convention and a Thanksgiving break. 
TEACHING RESPONSIBILITIES  While at the practicum site your responsibilities will be decided upon by you and your cooperating teacher.  I urge you to take the initiative in becoming fully involved in the teaching/learning process.  You are required to teach a minimum of five full classes, but you are encouraged to teach more, if you feel ready to do so.  You will be observed several times by your university supervisor at a time agreed to by you, the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor.  You may also want to have one or more of your lessons videotaped.

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