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Each student MUST complete a notebook that reflects the knowledge and experience gained during the semester.  The following materials should be included:
A. Daily reflections - after each day at your practicum site record an account of the experiences you had as well
as the knowledge you gained.  Think of your journal as an account of your thoughts: include insights about children, ideas you have picked up from others, unique experiences that will help you in the future (i.e., class management techniques).  Remember to illustrate your points with examples and begin to indicate how your experiences will impact you as a future educator.
B. Lesson plans -include both your lessons as well as notes about lessons that you observed and assisted with.
C. Schedules, school related materials, handouts, student tests and assessment materials, additional resources.
D. An outline of the course content to be covered by the cooperating teacher.
E. All evaluations completed by your cooperating teacher and university supervisor.
F. All seminar material.