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You, along with the assistance of your cooperating teacher will complete the practicum goals form (see separate form).  It is important that you establish realistic, achievable, yet challenging goals.  When you complete your goals you must turn them into me so that I can see your objectives.  The goals sheet must be completed by our October seminar meeting.

ARTIFACTS are items that demonstrate or provide evidence of specific achievements.  Artifacts can be such items as:

P Position papers
P Video recordings
P Teacher-made instructional materials
P Lesson plans
P Technology resources
P Samples of student work
P Case studies
P Community involvement
P Extracurricular involvement
P Professional growth activities-list and description of seminars, in-service training, conferences attended, participation in professional organizations and committees; reflective journal describing accommodations and responses
P Logs and/or journals-record of dealing with a problem, instructional strategies, management and motivation skills; reflective journal describing accommodations and responses
P Observation checklist

This is not an all-inclusive list.  As you progress through this experience you may think of other items that more accurately demonstrate evidence of your goals.  If you have any questions or concerns relating to the development of artifacts, please let me know.