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KINES 300: Practicum in Kinesiology
Fall 2000

Fall Seminar Meetings

For each meeting this fall, I would like to have us address a specific topic so that we can gain the most from our meeting time.  The topics, as well as the assignments for each are listed below.


For this assignment, please gather the following from your school:

1. Cooperating teacher's management plan -if it is not written out, please write a narrative of the elements that you observe
2. Classroom rules-if they are posted, and it is possible, please take a picture.  Otherwise, try to recreate the poster for your classmates
3. Protocols-If these are not written out, please write out all that you observe
4. Discipline process-check the student or teacher handbook for this information, or ask the cooperating teacher or building principal.


For this assignment, please gather the following from your school:

1. Videotape of a lesson as taught by your cooperating teacher-be sure to ask permission first, and check school rules regarding the videotaping of the children in the class you are videotaping.
2. Create a rubric of the skills exhibited by a quality PE professional-be sure to include all behaviors that a master teacher would have at his/her disposal in the
teaching (not the planning) of his/her class.
3. Observe the videotape at your convenience, and complete the rubric based on the performance of the teacher in the video.
4. Write a one-page narrative of the results of the rubric ad videotape


For this assignment, please gather the following from your school:

1. At least three examples of assessment instruments used by your cooperating teacher.
2. A written description of at least three other forms of assessment as demonstrated by your cooperating teacher.
3. A copy of the school's report card, and a copy of the PE report if it is not included in the cumulative report.
4. Informally interview your cooperating teacher regarding his/her beliefs about assessment in PE and report the results of that interview in a narrative format.