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Select a grade level and identify all of the movement themes that you would deem important to include in the curriculum at that level.  Create a report card format that delineates all of those themes, and organize them into a readable format.  Include information on student performance (grades) for each, and be sure to include a description of the possible levels of performance as well.  Design the form in such a way that it clearly describes the information for the parent as s/he reads it.  The report card should be attractive and easily understood even by those who are outside of the field, and should be designed in such a way that it fairly reports student growth in each movement theme.

Open Microsoft Word
Click on Tools, then mail merge
Click on create, then catalogue
Select active window
Click on open data source
Select the data file from the disk you brought to class
Select entire spreadsheet
Select edit main document
Design the report card
Place data in the document by selecting insert merge field  as needed
Complete design, return to tools, merge and select merge documents
Select create new document
Choose pages from 1 to 1
Press enter
Print to resulting merged document