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Kines 742-323 PE For Elementary Students

This is designed to provide the elementary education educator with an opportunity to develop a philosophy of movement, theoretical knowledge of movement and practical experience related to movement education.  This course will incorporate a developmental and interdisciplinary perspective.

Course Meeting: Mon, Wed 1:20-3:00
Course Site:  2224 Natatorium
Instructor:  Cindy Kuhrasch
Office:   2027 Unit II-Nat Hours:  M 12-1; T 11-12 or by appointment
Phone:   262-4348

Assignment Sheets
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Management plan
Teacher observation
Teaching reflections
PE Resources
PE poster
Integrated activity
Technology project
Playground evaluation
Equipment list
Learning Activity
Extra Credit
Volunteer Project

Behavior Management Online Exercises

  1. Value movement for children and as a teaching strategy     
  2. Understand and incorporate a number of approaches       
  3. Evaluate models of behavior, and select a model as the basis for a classroom management plan     
  4. Evaluate classroom management plan in real-life situations   
  5. Recognize the special planning needs concerns in managing movement lessons         
  6. Identify the role of PE in the overall school mission   
  7. Identify the elements of a quality movement educator Demonstrate an understanding of the physical, cognitive, and  affective benefits of movement education     
  8. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate PE resources and lessons 
  9. Demonstrate the ability to use creative thought in the creation of movement activities         
  10. Demonstrate the ability to effectively connect objectives and assessment
  11. Identify uses for, and demonstrate proficiency in the use of a variety of  technological resources     
  12. Investigate and practice a variety of teaching models   
  13. Demonstrate the ability to reflect upon written, observed, and practiced lessons, and to make improvements based on those skills   
  14. Demonstrate the ability to create and implement quality lessons 
  15. Understand and incorporate an interdisciplinary approach   
  16. Demonstrate the ability to match objectives to appropriate assessment methods         
  17. Demonstrate characteristics of a reflective teacher   
  18. Develop prevention strategies for safety and liability concerns in the gym  and on the playground

Course Schedule

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