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C&I 272-378
Teaching of PE

Assignment Sheets
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Comprehensive Project Option
PR Project
Affective plan
Technology Project
Peer Interview
Extra Credit

Course Objectives

q Identify critical elements for basic motor skills and develop appropriate sequences
q Employ concepts, assumptions, and debates central to inquiry in the study of physical activity
q Demonstrate with competence basic motor skills, rhythms, and physical activities (sports and games, lifelong leisure activities, and dance)
q Describe and demonstrate concepts and strategies related to skillful movement and physical activity (e.g., F.I.T.T. principle, offense/defense, distributed practice)
q Incorporate interdisciplinary learning experiences that allow learners to integrate knowledge and skills from multiple subject areas
q Describe and apply disciplinary knowledge (concepts and principles) to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness
q Analyze current physical activity issues based on historical, philosophical, sociological, and psychological perspectives
q Describe the organic, skeletal, and neuromuscular structures of the human body, identify how these systems adapt to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness, and analyze their contributions to motor performance
q Create and use appropriate instructional cues and prompts for basic motor skills, rhythms, and physical activity
q Identify, select, and implement appropriate learning/practice opportunities based on expected progressions and related to ranges of individual variations and levels of readiness
q Stimulate learner reflection on prior knowledge, experiences, and skills based on this reflection and encourage the assumption of responsibility for one's own learning
q Identify, select, and implement appropriate instruction that is sensitive to the strengths/weaknesses, multiple needs, learning styles, and/or experiences of learners
q Organize, allocate, and manage resources (e.g., time, space, equipment, activities, and teacher attention) to provide active and equitable learning experiences
q Communicate managerial and instructional information in a variety of ways (e.g., bulletin boards, music, task cards, posters, and video)
q Use computers and other technologies to communicate, network, and/or foster inquiry
q Identify, develop, and implement instructional and program goals
q Design and implement learning experiences that are safe, appropriate, realistic, relevant, and based on the principles of effective instruction

History of PE Presentation

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