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Kinesiology 742-335 Intro to Elementary School Physical Education
Fall 2002

Assignment Classroom Management Toolkit


Observe and assess a variety of routines and protocols used by experienced teachers in physical education. 



For this assignment you will need to consider all the aspects necessary in the management of a movement lesson, and then combine those elements into some kind of planning toolkit that will help you eliminate discipline issues from your classes.  It will be helpful for you to think through the entire lesson from the viewpoint of the most challenging student in your class.  By doing so, you will be able to eliminate distractions and confusions, and therefore prevent 90% of the possible management issues. 

Your management plan should be sure to include all of the following elements:

o Protocols
o Rules
o Ideas for creating community
o Management ideas
o Proactive
o Reactive
o Class strategies
o Individual strategies
o Consequences