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Kinesiology 742-335 Intro to Elementary School Physical Education
Fall 2002

Assignment Teach/Reflect


This assignment is designed to allow you to pull together all of the skills that you have worked to develop in this class.



Learning by teaching
By participating in activities of teaching observation and evaluation (on school teacher's teaching, peer teaching and self teaching), students will learn to how to observe the process of teaching and learning in physical activity settings. They are also expected to know how to recognize and describe the important pedagogical skills in effective physical education teaching and critically analyze the teaching process they observed. Students will write a report about their evaluation of their own instructional performance.  The report must include the insightful analysis based on the data collected by student time analysis, teacher reaction analysis, skill feedback statement analysis approaches.


After reading from the text (Seidentop & Tannnehill, 2000 (4th ed. 336-349) and learning additional material in class, you will be asked to teach one of your lessons in a school setting.  You will need to make arrangements with an elementary PE teacher to teach in one of his/her classes.  Please offer the professional courtesy of letting them choose the date of your teaching, as well as the opportunity to look over the lesson that you plan to teach.  You may also want to solicit their expertise in making changes or additions to your activity.   
Students will become familiar with teaching and evaluations by participating in teaching physical education with their peer students and in elementary schools.
From teaching practice, students will be able to effectively apply their teaching plan into actual lessons and demonstrate teaching strategies employed in teaching physical education and motor skill learning. 
Elementary school teaching (50 pts.) 


After creating and teaching a learning task to the class, you will be asked to reflect upon the experience.  Please do so by answering each of the following questions as thoughtfully and completely as you can:

1. What went well in your activity?
2. What elements would you like to change?
3. What changes would you make in order to improve the activity?
4. What did you learn about your own personal teaching skills from this experience?