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FALL 2000




This assignment is designed to help you create a curriculum document for your own use in teaching.  It should also be designed to cover each of  the following four groups: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  Because this is designed as an item that is for your own use, you may use any format that you like, but the project should include all of the following elements:

1. Organization centers.  Organization centers help to identify elements that can serve as focal points.  They become the frame of reference around which the curriculum is designed.  Organization centers combine those concepts, skills, attitudes, and values underlying physical education goals and content.  They are global and nature.  The resulting program is a series of organization centers sequentially arranged over various time periods.

Examples of organization centers are:  movement education, movement concepts, movement skills, cooperation, skill development, outdoor education, success, and citizenship.

2. Content goals.  Content goals are statements of intent that describe each organization center.  They are stated as general outcomes of behavior within each of the three domains.  For the purpose of this assignment you should develop the content goals that are to be completed by the time a student completes each of the four levels.

P Develop critical thinking
P Analyze mechanical principles of movement
P Appreciate individual lifetime activities
P Exhibit favorable social attitudes
P Demonstrate perceptual abilities
P Perform mature movement patterns

3. Content.  Content is the physical education subject matter that falls within the organization center and supports the content goals.  Depending on the level, they may be listed as activities, general areas, concepts, etc.  You do not need to state the amount of time spent on each content area, nor do you have to specify at which grade level the content will be taught, although you need to be sure to include everything that will be taught at all four grade levels.

Center of gravity
Can act as follower as well as a leader
Alphabet dribble

4. Evaluation procedures.  Evaluation procedures determine what is being learned.  They assess not only student learning, but also the direction of the PE program.  Evaluation procedures should be a comprehensive, performance-based measure of learning that documents not only understanding of skills, but other goals such as attitudes, motivations, social conduct, and values.  The evaluation procedures must include authentic assessment.  Authentic assessment instruments could include items such as task sheets, self-assessment or peer checklists, rating scales, logs, projects, etc.  You must include a list of evaluation procedures AND ONE sample of an authentic assessment tool for each of the four levels.

5. References.  This project requires you to use additional resources to finalize your end project.  You must list three (3) references for each of the following levels; K-5, and 6-12 for a total of six (6) references.