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Monster Locomotor Tag

Grades K-6

Equipment Paper, markers, safety pins

PE Skills Locomotor, chasing, fleeing

Health Objectives Emotions, health

Activity Type Large group


Talk about fears and the fact that everyone has them. Allow each student to share a fear if they wish. Have students draw something that frightens them, and make sure that they draw it as scary as they can. Talk about ways to conquer fears such as imagining something wonderful, going to a safe place or room, and talking to parents or friends. Take a few of the monster pictures and pin them to the shirts of the artists. These are the monster taggers. On “Go!”, the monsters try to tag the other players. Monsters may only use galloping as their means of locomotion. The other players may only walk unless they are able to find a friend to move with. If they do, they join hands, and may take ten skipping steps together before they must separate again. If a player is tagged by a monster, they must go out of the game and say “I will face my fears” ten times before returning. Repeat with other monster taggers.

NASPE Objective Recognizes the risk and safety factors associated with regular participation in physical activity