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Consumer   Health   Module

We are all consumers of health products and services. In order to help us become better consumers it is important to know how businesses work. This module will help you to understand market profiling, advertising, and your rights as a consumer.

Consumer Health Links

How quackery sells: Read about how health quacks get your business
Avoiding Quackery: Read through this for good information
Ploys: Read about some of the tactics advertisers try
Intelligent consumers: Here are some tips on how to be an intelligent consumer


1. Read through all of the information from the sites listed above. Take good notes for your use later. 2. Make a list of behaviors of good consumers for an age group of your choice. Using that information, create bookmarks, complete with graphics and a snappy catch phrase. Copy, cut, and laminate the bookmarks. Distribute the bookmarks to at least 10 people from that age group.