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"It's   Just   a   Piece   of   paper..."

Your curriculum document can be much more than a piece of paper, depending on the way you create it. Many documents are created for the sole purpose of an educational audit. But others have found a way to create a working document that defines their daily experiences, and which evolves each year. Here are some great resources if you'd like to evaluate your own curriculum.


Canadian Curriculum guidelines: A nice series of benchmarks for grades K-7
National Standards: Benchmarks provided by California
Developing Health standards: Wisconsin's health curriculum development project
McRel Health standards: Midwest organization health standards
Berkely curriculum development: Looks at curriculum within a context
PE Standards: An excellent listing of PE standards by McRel
Canadian Curriculum Guidelines: A nice series of benchmarks for grades 8-10
Utah's Health Standards: An excellent series of standards for health
Utah's Health and PE Standards: An example of a program that sees the connection between Health and PE
Librarians curricular guidelines:
Michigans state standards: An excellent curricular resource
Madison, WI curriculum: A great working document