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Flexing Your Technological Muscle:

Put Databases to Work for You!

1. Create the file


Ø Open the database program

Ø Think of a name for the database that you are about to create then type it in under "file name."

Ø Click 'OK."

Ø The screen will tell you that the file doesn't exist. It will ask if you want to create it.

Ø Click "yes."

Ø The "define fields" screen appears


2. Define Fields


Ø Identify each field that you will create

Ø Type the name of the first field in the space next to the words "define fields"

Ø Press "create" after each

Ø If you make a mistake, simply use the mouse to highlight the title, fix it, and click "save."

Ø Once you have entered all the fields, click "done."


3. Create a Layout


Ø Now a screen appears showing the first record, record.

Ø Along the top of the page (just above the title of your database) there is a bar that says, "file," "edit," "mode," etc.

Ø Click on "mode" and select "layout."

Ø "Layout' allows you to resize and to move your fields around as you like.

Ø To change the size of any field, just click on the field so that it's selected (you will see little square on each corner.)

Ø Grab any corner or side of the field and move it until it becomes the size you want.

Ø The default size for these records is a half page, which means that Filemaker Pro would normally print two records put page.

Ø If you want each of your lessons to take up the entire page, simply click "mode" (along the top of the page.)

Ø Click "new layout." and select "single page" You also can view more or less of the page by clicking the little, mountain shaped icons located at the page bottom. (The small mountain icon lets you view more of the page: the large icon lets you see the text more closely.)


Ø Once you're satisfied with the way the page layout looks, click "mode," then "browse," and begin typing in your lessons


5. Entering Lessons into the Database


Ø Now you are ready to create separate records for each of your lesson plans.

Ø To begin a new record, hold down the "control" button, then press the letter "n," or go to the "mode" menu, and choose "new record".

Ø Begin typing lessons.


Cool Extras


Create buttons (instead of straight fields) that allow you to type in a series of options to choose from instead of typing the same information repeatedly.

Ø Modify the grade level field by going to the "mode" menu and choosing "layout"

Ø Select a field by clicking on it

Ø Click the right mouse button

Ø Choose "field format"

Ø Click on "pop up list"

Ø Click the right arrow next to the word "unknown"

Ø Highlight "define value list"

Ø Type a name for the new list

Ø Click "create"

Ø Type a list of values (For example; grade levels could be K-2, 3-5, 6-8, etc.)

Ø Click "Done"



To add clip art to your database,

Ø Enter the "layout" mode by selecting the "mode" menu

Ø Choose "layout"

Ø Choose "layout" menu

Ø Click "objects"

Ø Choose "select objects"

Ø You'll see a list of destination drives from which to choose an object

Ø Simply choose the one you want by clicking on it