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Our   Emotional   Selves

Emotions are a part of the human being, but our responses to them make up who we are. In this module, you'll explore your raw human emotions, as well as the responses you can choose to have to those emotions.

Emotional Health Links

How do you feel?: Use this site to evaluate your skills in identifying and processing emotions
Emotions Test: Find out your emotional IQ
Use this site to explore topics regarding emotional health:
Links for better emotional health:


1. Use the first link to identify the exact words to describe your emotions.

2. Use the second link to test your emotional IQ.

3. Use the next few links to find positive ways to deal with negative emotions.

4. Use the final link to identify other strategies that can help your emotional health.

5. Spend one day recording the emotional responses of your friends. (Keep a running tally of positive vs. negative emotional responses.)

6. Share one of the positive stratgies that you learned with one of your friends.