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Our   Environment

This module allows you to explore your own knowledge in a fun way, then asks you to sharethe ten best activities with other students in our school. In addition, you should take any knowledge gained in this module into your own home to see if you can make any positive changes for the environment there too.

Environmental Health Links

Scavenger Hunt: Take a minute, and play these great scavenger hunt games
Environmental Protection Agency Activities for Kids: Click on each of the topics, and play all of the games


1. Play the scavenger hunt game 2. Play each of the games in each of the sections of the kids site. Choose ten activities that you think would be appropriate for students at your local elementary school, and write down the URLs for each of them. Using a word processor, type each of the URLs, along with specific directions for teachers, and give the final document to the teacher of your choice. Ask them to use the activities with their students, and to send any feedback to me.