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This   is   it!!

Ok, you have gone through all of the modules, and you've improved your health by leaps and bounds. Now it's your turn to leave something for the next person. Choose a topic that was especially of interest to you, find some worthwhile links reagrding the topic, and create at least three assignments that will serve both to motivate as well as inform the learner. Create the page using Tripods webpage builder, and submit it to this site. Good luck!!

Link to Tripod's Web page maker

Tripod Housekeeper: Use this site to make a new module


Now that you have learned lots about health, pick a topic of interest to you, and create a new learning module for someone else. The link to Tripod above will get you to the website development area. Contact me for my user name as well as my password. Then create a module that includes reading assignments, activities, and some form of assessment. Create the page using any format you like, but link it to the original website page after you create it. Good luck!!