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Use the natural tendency to "tell" as a way to recognize positive behaviors

"Tell on" Circle

The "Telling Circle" is a five-minute circle sharing activity in which students get a chance to "tell" on their classmates for behaving in a positive manner.

Students are exposed to this model through direct instruction and modeling, and are then given practice opportunities.  Once students have been exposed to this model, they are asked to observe their peers as they interact in regular daily activities.  Each day, after the Physical Education warm-up, students come to the "Telling Circle".  During this five minute period, students "tell" on those that they observed at a high level of responsibility (levels three or four).  Not only must they recognize the student; they must also relate the behavior or action that demonstrated that level.  Students who have been recognized often repeat the behavior, while those relating stories are often seen as good friends because of their willingness to "tell".

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Gym RATS: Developing Responsibility, Assessment, and Thinking in the Gym

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