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Class management in the form of FRUIT!


Bananas- STAND on poly spot
Apples- SIT on poly spot
Oranges- SIT DOWN
Use the 5 second rule when teaching management strategies- count QUIETLY to YOURSELF. If it takes more than 5 seconds for students to follow instructions, practice and try again! Positive reinforcement to those students who follow classroom procedures is a MUST EVERY DAY!


The signal for students to go to a poly spot and get ready to play is called "bananas".  Once they game has been described, and questions answered, I say "Go bananas!" and then choose the four quietest students to be the taggers (or whatever the game calls for).  We play a round of the game, then "go bananas!" again.  The current taggers give their pinnies to anyone who is standing quietly, and we begin again.  "Apples" is the signal to sit on a poly spot, so once a round of the game has been completed, we have students who have already been taggers "go apples" instead of bananas.  That indicates to the other students that they have already had a turn and shouldn't be chosen again.

Learning is Fun!!

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