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Use a minute at the end of class to evaluate your behavior

Self Evaluation

Use a large tag board for each class with library pockets on it.  Each pocket has the students name.  At the end of class the students choose a color coded strip of paper and place it in their pocket to represent the level that they were working at that day.  You could have someone record these for you daily or leave the strips in and you can visually see how a student is doing from day to day.  It is a great visual display to talk about the entire class behavior.   "I see that we have 3's & 4's in here.  I viewed this day as a level two.  I don't believe everyone evaluated themselves honestly today!" or "I agree with your assessment - you are right on!"   (We have large posters with pictures representing each of the levels posted in every gym.) 

Learning is fun!

Gym RATS: Developing Responsibility, Assessment, and Thinking in the Gym

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