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Use a popular TV show to help teach the five levels

Five Levels

Level 1 Irresponsibility

Pushing when selecting equipment
Laughing at others
Talking to friends when the teacher is talking
Blaming others for your problems

Learning is Fun!

Level 2 Self Control

  • Not getting angry at others because they did something to upset you
  • having control over yourself and not letting behavior of others

Level 3 Involvement

  • Trying new things without complaining or saying "I can't"
  • Participating even when you may not like the activity
  • Helping to clean up without being

Level 4 Self Responsibility

  • Practicing a new skill without being told
  • Being a good person
  • Doing what is right even if

Level 5 Caring

  • Willing to work with anyone in the class
  • Helping someone who is having difficulty
  • Understanding that people really

Gym RATS: Developing Responsibility, Assessment, and Thinking in the Gym

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